4 Reasons why the Forever Business is an ideal business for partners of expats!

by Monique Andersen November 08, 2019
Business partners opening new business

Forever Living Products is a reliable global company whose business model already works for over 40 years. This way of working makes it possible for you to work from anywhere, with anyone and anytime you want. You can fold this around your family, other activities and obligations.

Start your business and take it with you

You can start this business in the country you live now ( in more than 160 countries already, ask me which countries because we keep growing ) and take this business to the next country when you’re transferred to your next assignment or are moving back to your home country.

Forever Community

As an independent Forever Business Owner you’re part of the worldwide Forever community. We have monthly trainings and events (some meetings are even weekly if you want to attend). You’ll develop dear cooperations and friendships in the country you live and abroad. When you have to move to the next country, there are trainings and events too. That must feel like a warm bath! You’re not alone.

Personal Development

Often partners of expats gave up their own carreers. Building your own business = building on your own personal development. You’ll grow in mindset, being an entrepreneur, skills in building the business, knowledge about products, experience in helping people. Have something for yourself. This business is ideal to build when your children are still little or are going to child day care or school. That’s because you can work from home: online and offline. You’re independent, yet you have colleagues.

Take care of yourself

Build on your future. It’s less stressful to know that shared income responsibility is possible. Sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe the expat gets redundant in time. Or you might get involved in a divorce. You’ll never know. Better be financially prepared for when there will be a lack in income or you have to stand on your own financially.

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