Start your own business

Monique can help you build your own business, even globally when you want this. Start your own business without the risk of an traditional business! Does that appeal to you? We work with a simple marketing concept with which this company works already for over 40 years, and is successful in more than 160 countries worldwide.

Do you want to decide the height of your own income? Do you want to work independently? Schedule your days, weeks, years as you want and how it’s convenient for you? Would you like to work from your home or anywhere else in the world? You’ll work independent and also have the support of this team. So you’ll never stand alone. How does that sound?

Monique is always open to get to know all kinds of people and to work with them. Connecting is in her blood. Always trying to bring people together. Seeing if she can help others in her network. So if you are open to something else, more growth in your personal development, a new working environment, contact Monique without obligation. Online or offline. You can then investigate whether joining her Forever4You team can bring benefits and could be appropriate for you. That would be possible if you have the “entrepreneurial gene” in you. If that’s the case, you would be started and coached with training in the areas of business building, product knowledge and mindset. This is possible to start part-time in addition to your current job, study or other activities. Work part-time on your future to earn a full-time uncapped and willable income. And if that is not your goal, Monique can see if a suitable career opportunity is offered within her network.