Monique Andersen

Monique Andersen is a Network Marketing Professional and Recruiter. In her previous working life Monique worked as a (company) recruiter, managed a branche of a temporary agency, was a personnel officer at Human Resources, worked as an account manager, trainer and teacher. She’s a real people person, loves connecting and bringing people together. When her children, now teenagers and student, were little, she gave up paid working and did a lot of voluntary work like organizing fundraising events with Ladies’ Circle for good causes. If she’d only known of this opportunity then… It would have been ideal to build this business alongside the little ones at home!

After a long period together her marriage ended. Her future fell apart. The future plans were based on the setting of the family. How to build a future again, not ‘just’ being paid by working an hour, paid an hour. What about the pension? Being able to travel again? Making memories with the children again? Being financial independent? Having the freedom to decide when, where and with whom you work? Not being able to go on the holidays with the children was a real heart breaker. That hurt. Keeping all the balls up, isn’t easy. Although her ex-husband paid the alimony where she was thankful for, she wanted to be financial independent.

So when Forever crossed her path, she was triggered by the way of working and the possiblities it had to offer. After getting trilled seeing trainings of the best in network marketing at Forever’s her inner monkey mind started to think “It’s too good to be true…” She put her laptop aside for a few days. But there was already a seed planted in her system. She thought: “This is me. I’ll have to inform”.  She contacted a Forever Business Owner she Googled and made an appointment. During the 2,5 hour conversation she registered herself as a Forever Business Owner. Not one cell in her body doubted. This was what she had to do.

Now she thinks it’s one of the best decisions she’s made. Working together with this global organization which attracts positive minded people who want to change their lives to work with is a joy for life! You’ll have to put time and effort in it, which is logical. Every business requires that. It doesn’t work when you lean back, the business isn’t thrown into your arms. Being willing to learn the skills and mindset that are needed is necessary. Now she’s building on her future, a passive and uncapped income that also is willable. What company does that? When she’ll leave this planet, her children will receive the income she’s built with her global business. Yes, global. Because at her HR job at Sony’s she experienced the international vibe she loved so that’s what she wants with Forever: a stable worldwide business with people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions working together to make the world a little better, creating a better life for yourself  that you deserve  and of others by sharing the beautiful high qualitative products and the great opportunities.

Find it out for yourself and get in touch with Monique if you want to get the chance of being coached and mentored by her! IT’S UP TO YOU !


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