Recruiting for (non)profit organizations

Monique has lots of experience as a recruiter for profit- as well as non-profit organizations. As she speaks a lot of people on a daily basis, she’s also able to recruit for organizations which are looking for expansion of their personnel or replacement of employees who are leaving the organization.

Monique has been working at organizations like Sony, Content (Executive) , Start, Bureau Rietmeijer, among others.

She has been recruiting for f.e. Nike Europe, AT&T, Sony, Campina Melkunie, CPC, RTL, NOS, Veronica, Gemeentelijk Vervoer Bedrijf Arnhem, John de Mol, St. Sena, BFI, Gemeente Almere, Lease Plan, MEE, Belastingdienst, NCRV, Bureau Rietmeijer,and a lot more!

Some examples of jobs where she recruited for: Marketeer (jr and sr levels), Sales Manager (jr and sr levels), Product Marketing Manager (jr and sr levels), Financial Controller (jr and sr levels), Project Manager Building (also jr and sr levels), Account Manager (jr and sr levels), Personal Assistant, HR staff, Project Manager Facility Management, Secretarial – & Administrative Staff, Director Secretary, Management Assistant, Technical Engineer for Professional Broadcasting, Sales Representative, Professional Bus Driver, Driver for Freight Transportation, and all kinds of Production Jobs.

If companies and organizations want to hire Monique * ¹ to look for candidates for their vacancies and a candidate is nominated (this also includes candidates who are nominated ‘open’ * ² without there being a given search query), the following rates will be charged:

Junior positions starter, max. 2 years work experience € 4500 * ³
Medior positions more than 2 years-max.5 years work experience € 6500 * ³
Senior positions more than 5 years of work experience € 8500 * ³

  • ¹ At the start of the search a 25% start-up fee will be charged; 25% will be invoiced on the day that the candidate starts; the last 50% is invoiced on the day that the candidate successfully completes the trial period.
  • ² When a proposed candidate starts without an official search in advance, 50% will be invoiced on the day the candidate starts; the remaining 50% will be charged on the day that the candidate successfully completes the trial period.
  • ³ The rates are exclusive of TAX / VAT.


There will be no difference in education -/function scales levels for the recruitment fee. A ‘crafts’man is a ‘crafts’man and a ‘crafts’woman is a ‘crafts’woman.

When a company uses the recruiting services of Monique, it agrees with above general conditions.