My first acquaintance with the international Forever vibe

by Monique Andersen September 26, 2019

I felt I had to go there. I just started, not yet able to have qualified myself for a paid stay by Forever. Because that’s one of the incentives you can achieve: a paid holiday by the company. Who doesn’t want that? Not being qualified and yet I wanted to be there. Why? I wanted to feel the company, wanted to see who the other Business Owners were, who the other colleagues were. Wanting to be able to radiate the mission of Forever. What kind of people were also thrilled to choose to work with this company?  I think that’s part of your growth, starting something that isn’t  known by many people here in the Netherlands. In a lot of foreign countries it’s already common to work this way. People working 2 jobs or more. People are not as sceptic anymore as they are in the Netherlands. Which is changing I notice now. Talking to a lot of people I hear that more and more people are searching for a way to optimalize their lives and are looking for a tool that benefits their lives.

How can I explain in a simple way how to compare the feeling of being part of the worldwide Forever community? I compare this often with going to a concert. All kinds of people with different backgrounds like a certain artist. This is what they have in common. Being together creates an energy that gives people a great feeling being together.

This is what I experienced joining this Global Rally for the first time in Dubai. 12.500 Forever Business Owners gathered this yearly event that takes place in different global cities. This time it happened in Dubai.  12.500 People from all over the world, different backgrounds, different cultures, different religions, younger, older, men, women.

Having a few things in common:

  • being happy with the high quality products they use and recommend;
  • being happy with an other way of working;
  • being happy with the mission the company stands for and the possibilities the company Forever Living offers to create a freedom lifestyle to be able to live their lives as they would like to.

These things are part of the important values in this company’s culture and result in such a positive mindset and vibe that works like a magnet and keeps attracting people all over the world. The founder Rex Maughan started this company because he saw too many people being unhappy because of their health and/or their financial situation. That’s the reason he chose to use the networkmarketing business model and the product based on Aloe Vera. A human being with a great vision: he created the marketing concept over 40 years ago and it still works and still shows a growth in the amount of Forever Business Owners and turn over.

So did I feel the company, the atmosphere, the collective mission? Yes! It was great to feel the positive vibes, the respect to all the countries and cultures, meeting colleagues live from abroad and celebrating the successes from colleagues who achieved goals by helping others change their lives.

The industry of Health & Beauty in which Forever is active is a fast growing market. People are being more critical in using healthy products and expect them being produced in sustainable ways. Forever does that since the start of the company and there’s still more than enough room for people who want to join the mission of Forever.


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